Bijlage 8 – SAR

Bijlage 8


From: “Reijneveld, SA (med)” <>
Date: Friday, October 9, 2015 at 1:04 PM
To: Graham Shaw <>
Subject: DIPEx – UMC Groningen, NL

Dear Dr. Shaw, dear colleague,

I am mailing you because of DIPEx. The UMCG holds a licence for DIPEx regarding its use in the Netherlands. Practically, that licence is taken care for by our Department of Health Sciences as we run a series of projects based on the DIPEx technology. We use that to enable a proper accounting for and assessment of patient and client perspectives of health and illness.

In my understanding, the UMCG licence had to be extended this year. However, the contact person has been ill for some time. I am not sure whether this licence has been extended on behalf of the UMCG. It should have been, as we appreciate DIPEx highly and would like to continue to work with it. Being the head of Health Sciences, I would preferably have some personal contact on this issue. Can we have contact by phone or by Skype?

Kind regards

Menno (S.A.) Reijneveld

S.A. Reijneveld, MD, PhD, Community Physician
Professor of Community and Occupational Medicine
University Medical Center Groningen, University of Groningen, Department of Health Sciences (Head)
PO Box 196
9700 AD Groningen
The Netherlands


From: Graham Shaw <>
Date: Friday, October 16, 2015 at 11:26 AM
To: “Reijneveld, SA (med)” <>
Cc: Luis Carrasqueiro <>
Subject: Re: DIPEx – UMC Groningen, NL


Dear Professor Reijneveld

Thank you for your email. As I am no longer Chief Executive of DIPEx (UK), I have copied my reply to Luis Carrasqueiro, the current Chief Executive.

As you will be aware, the licence agreement was signed in December 2011 and expired in December 2014. It is no longer the policy of DIPEx (UK) to enter into licence agreements with overseas organisations, following the establishment of DIPEx International (DI) in May 2013 which brings together member organisations around the globe.

With regard to the Netherlands, we have, since the establishment of DI, worked with Dr. P.A. Wiegersma, notwithstanding his sometimes absence for health reasons, to promote the website The parent of the website – Stichting PratenOverGezondheid – is a member organisation of DI.

It is the policy of DI to work through only one member organisation in each country to avoid confusion and, should you wish to take collaboration forward, as indicated in your email, please make contact with Dr Wiegersma to determine how this might best be managed in the Netherlands.


Graham Shaw
Honorary Treasurer
DIPEx International

Luis Carrasqueiro <>
aan: Graham Shaw <>
cc: Auke Wiegersma <>
datum: 19 oktober 2015 09:26

onderwerp: Re: FW: DIPEx – UMC Groningen, NL

Hello Graham

Thank you for letting me know. I’m in agreement as we discussed that this is a DI matter and therefore we should not be issuing a licence.

Best wishes